Hi there,

I’m Dave Germano, the General Manager of Trinitas Farming.  I grew up in Escalon, just minutes away from our team’s office in Oakdale.  I started working in farming at age of 8 on my Grandfather’s farm and have been doing it ever since. 

One of my life's ambitions has been to create and work with a team that does great work together and shares common values.  Over the last six years, I’ve been so proud to help realize this ambition and build and lead our Trinitas Farming team.   Let me introduce you to a few of our team members. 

Trinitas Farm Team July 2013.jpg

Here’s our team

First, here is a picture of most of the members of our team (or at least it is the picture with the most of us that I could find). It was taken last fall once harvest was completed. The entire team works very hard to manage our farms but we also try to be very good to one another. So much of our teamwork comes from our trust in each other. Everyone works toward the same goal, and we try to encourage each other every day. Every person on our team is important.


It's a great pleasure to work with Dan Kaiser. He’s the ranch manager and my partner in crime. When I get up in the morning, he is usually the first person I talk to (other than my wife!).  Our days can go in any sort of direction depending on what’s happening, and we make it a game to see who covers more distance in any given day.   Dan grew up in Manteca and has over 30 years of farming experience.


Jenny and Suvi

Meet Jenny Micheals and Suvi Kroeker.  If you pay us a visit at the office, these wonderful women may be your first point of contact. They are hugely important to us and we can’t do much without them. Jenny is our office manager and is in charge of our critical administrative activities and our office-based relationship with our service provider partners.  Jenny grew up and lives in Turlock. Suvi, who is from XX tackles all of the office administration with Jenny.  Also, Suvi just received her notary public license!  Suvi has lived in XXX for XX years and was previously a XXX. Together, they make sure that we don’t forget anything important as we go about our day, and you’ll find them livening up the place.


Alex Rodriguez is one of our farm supervisors.  He is our eyes and ears and we count on him to oversee everything related to our orchards. He’s a great farmer and we know that if we ever get stuck driving through the mud, he’ll be there to help us out.  Alex just got married, and our team happily celebrate with him!

Accounting and Operations Team

This is our accounting and operations team. They make sure that all of our procedures are documented well and that our team is on top of our numbers. We couldn't function without this group and are glad for their help.

Bill Hooper, Ryon Paton, Kirk Hoiberg

Last, but not least, this is Bill Hooper, Ryon Paton and Kirk Hoiberg.  The sit on the Board of Managers for Trinitas Farming and they maintain the relationships with the owners of our member farms and businesses.  I have a great working relationship with them and I try to teach them a little more about farming each time we get together!