Trinitas Farming Awarded Healthy Soil Grant for Continuous Dedication to Sustainability

June 6, 2018

Trinitas Farming is dedicated to creating sustainable farming practices on each and every one of our farms. We have worked hard to become one of the leaders in sustainability practices, and our efforts have paid off, namely on our Dixon East farm.  Dixon East has received a grant that focuses on creating healthier soils.  The Healthy Soils grant was awarded to Dixon East Ranch because of the farm’s commitment to improving its soil health, thus reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases and lessening our carbon footprint.  This grant will supplement the creation of even better soils and further develop the sustainable practices on our Dixon East farm.


The Healthy Soils Grant will assist Dixon East primarily with planting legume crop cover and creating a richer compost program. Planting crop cover will benefit the farm in multiple ways, including weed suppression, dust control, compaction management, water infiltration and holding capacity, as well as aiding in the reduction of run off.  Creating a more viable compost program for the orchard will improve soil health and increase organic matter, making a more productive ecosystem on the farm. 


There are many environmental benefits that will stem from the implementation of these long-term sustainable measures.  The soil health, water and air quality will all be impacted positively by this grant.   The entire community will reap the benefits of this action, as the property is close to waterways and neighbors.  By improving soil health, water conservation will be further enhanced, and more nutrients will be added to the soil. Planting cover crop will lessen the amount of dust produced, thus eliminating the need for oil suppressants or use of water for dust control.  These measures will greatly improve the air quality in the region.  Trinitas Farming is devoted to maintaining these eco-friendly practices for the long run and to creating a more dynamic ecosystem along the way.


Trinitas is extremely excited and proud to be a part of the Healthy Soils Project and will use the Grant accordingly and productively. The Grant is just one way in which Trinitas Farming is contributing to a better tomorrow through sustainable farming.  A critical part of Trinitas Farming’s mission is to use farming practices that protect and respect the environment, as well as implement innovative and efficient irrigation designed to conserve water.  For example, Trinitas is installing a One-Megawatt solar panel system in Oakdale, CA.  Once complete, these solar panels will offset energy use by 90%, thus allowing Trinitas to further invest in sustainable farming methods.


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