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Trinitas plants Independence variety almonds to help preserve honeybee colony health

October 22, 2018

Trinitas Partners, LLC, is excited to announce their large-scale bee protection efforts, committing to self-pollinating Independence variety almonds for 30% of its almond orchards.

“It has always been important for us to produce food in a manner that minimizes the use of natural resources,” reported Ceil Howe, Director of Farming. “That includes honeybee colonies. We are constantly improving the sustainability of our farming operations — with pesticide reduction, water conservation, soil nutrient preservation, air quality protection, and, yes, reducing our usage of honeybee hives.”

Trinitas decided to invest in the Independence variety in 2014, as increasing reports of Colony Collapse Disorder culminated in the production of the documentary film Vanishing of the Bees, which focused on the almond industry.  “I’d read that the California almond industry requires more than 60% of the U.S. honeybee population at bloom each year,” noted Ryon Paton, partner and co-founder of Trinitas Partners.  “And beekeepers were reporting hive health issues after working almond orchards. We plan to be almond growers for decades in the Valley, but that would not be possible without healthy honeybees.”

Trinitas immediately made changes to help bees during bloom, introducing pockets of lavender and alfalfa to supplement their diets and creating ‘baths’ to facilitate hydration in every field. Pesticides shown to cause harm to bees were eliminated from every block. But the largest initiative was also the most visible - planting over 5,000 acres of land with self-pollinating almond trees over the following three years.

“We feel a responsibility to steward our orchards with the utmost care,” said Ryon Paton, on this topic. “We wanted to be part of the solution.”

About Trinitas Partners, LLC:

Trinitas Partners, LLC is a private equity investment company that specializes in identifying superior agricultural investments characterized by favorable supply/demand dynamics and in which hard assets and real property play a central role. Trinitas Farming was created to manage the growing portfolio of land and its produce. Trinitas farms over 20,000 acres of almonds and olives in Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Solano, Tulare and Kings counties.

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