We are committed to industry best practices.

We are passionate about farming and agriculture.  Success in farming and agriculture depends on understanding a very broad range of fields (for example, botany, chemistry, economics) and actually using those understandings across a very diverse range of conditions – some of which (weather, for instance) are highly unpredictable and always changing.  We find this challenging and exciting.

To succeed requires us to constantly seek out new learning and industry best practices and then attempt to incorporate them into how we do what we do everyday. 

It also requires that we endeavor to systematically innovate and improve in our own operations in order to create new best practices ourselves. 

Our search for and development of best practices and use of best practices is constantly evolving but here are some recent examples.


Through scientific plant breeding techniques, some new crop varietals don’t require pollination by bees.  We have been a leading user of these new varietals, which not only saves costs but helps to promote the health of related industries.


Wilbur-Ellis is a leading plant science firm and we are proud to partner with them.  Advisers from Wilbur-Ellis visit our farms nearly every day to test our soil, growing conditions and crops.  In many areas of our farms, we conduct experiments about different plant science and farming practices and jointly evaluate the results.  In one recent experiment, we found that when applied correctly, softer chemicals can be even more effective than traditional inputs.


American AgCredit is a leading farm credit bank in California’s Central Valley.  We are proud to work with them in a variety of ways.  We consult with each other regularly about farming best practices.   Each year, American AgCredit brings their agricultural appraisals to member farms to provide training on our exemplary farming practices.