We believe that, from start to finish, business is about people.  Businesses can’t run without people and, ultimately, businesses exist to benefit people.

In turn, people don’t exist on their own.  They require strong and vibrant communities to flourish and we are committed to being part of that.

Our commitment to people with begins with our own.  Ronald Reagan said, “the best social program is a job.”  We are proud to provide over 80 full-time jobs in the community.

Our commitment to our own team means not only providing jobs but also providing a great work environment. One of our values is to "train our own," which means that we help our current employees develop broader skills and increasing responsibilities so that they can "move up" within the organization. Our employees are valuable to us and are the backbone of our farming practices.

Our business not only provides jobs to our team but also provides economic investment and activity that benefits the wider community.  Each year, we spend millions of dollars on third-party goods and services.  In every case we try to buy what we need from the local community first. 

To us, supporting people in our local community doesn't just happen at work.  It also means being active and involved citizens and contributors to the common good in our community.  Here are some fine organizations that we've supported in the past.


trinitas Gives back to Local Communities

Trinitas Farming has been working with the promising and hopeful students in the Stanislaus community to achieve their goals since 2016.