People, communities and businesses rely on our surrounding environment and natural resources to thrive.  We consider ourselves to be stewards of the land, water and other resources that we manage.  Our commitment and concern for sustainable use of resources and the environment pervades our operations.  Here are some examples.



We want to leave as small a footprint as possible on the land, so we’ve collaborated with JKB Energy to set up a solar installation of one megawatt across five acres on one of our properties, which offsets a huge amount of energy used in upkeep of an orchard. Because of this undertaking, we are also working with PG&E to upgrade the local infrastructure - allowing for even more solar and energy savings in the future.

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We are impressed and excited to be working alongside HarvestPort and Penny Newmann as they introduce their new Carbon Penetrant. This soil amendment is meant to reduce nitrogen application by 30% over three growing seasons. With a mind towards conservation, we hope to reduce inputs as much as possible and keep our soil healthier.

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In addition to carefully stewarding our sources of water, we are also extremely careful about when and how it is applied.  All our member farms use the highest efficiency dual line drip systems.  Dual line drip systems allow us to be precise in how we irrigate block by block. As more data is gathered, water use can be fine tuned to be even more efficient while sustaining yields.


Our member farms are regularly visited by a consulting biologist who advises us on care for sensitive plants, animals and water features. We choose to avoid any work or development that could disturb these sensitive areas. We prefer practices that are good for our orchards as well as the habitat.